Delivery Terms of Service

PurSpirit is happy to be offering it’s patient’s a new and exciting service! Next-Day-Delivery is now an option with certain restrictions & limitations.

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Delivery Days & Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

11AM to 5PM

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The above days and hours are available for a limited number of deliveries each day. Orders will be taken on a first come, first serve basis between the hours of  9AM & 5PM from Sunday to Wednesday. In order to secure your spot for next-day-delivery you MUST adhere to the following terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

1.) Must be a returning patient with Purspirit Cannabis Co. with mobile texting capabilities and have a 72701, 72703, 72704, or 72730 ZIP Code associated with your address.

2.) Deliveries must be made to residential addresses by state law. Deliveries cannot be made to businesses, restaurants, hotels or any other public location. Additionally, the MMJ Cardholder must be present with their Medical Card & State ID during the listed delivery hours.

3.) We do not accept phone orders or Leafly orders for delivery. All orders must be made through PurSpirit’s website.

4.) No order alterations once the delivery has left the dispensary. No changing the order upon delivery, what was ordered must be paid for in full or the entire order will be cancelled out.

5.) PurSpirit requires a $100 minimum order, additionally a delivery fee of $5 will be added for the first 5 miles from our dispensary. An addional $1/mile delivery fee will be added if orders are outside the 5 mile radius. All orders over $400 will receive free delivery. Cash is the only form of payment at this time.

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We thank you for helping us pilot our new medical marijuana delivery service here in NWA. Please be patient and understand that these terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. If you happen to place an order but the day’s route is already filled up we will contact you ASAP to figure out an alternative for you receiving your medication.